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Index of Interviews

Over the years, I’ve contibuted interviews with reggae artists to various online publications, which means they are spread all over the internet! I’ve collected them in this index below so that they’re all in one place. Hope you find this … Continue reading

Interview with Macka B

This piece was published in the November/December 2015 issue of Riddim. Here it is in English for the first time… Macka B is not afraid to speak his mind. A conscious Rasta, strict vegan and lyrical deejay for over 30 years, … Continue reading

Interview: Capital Letters

“We had friends who were taking LSD and going mad” In the third in our series of interviews with reformed foundation UK bands, United Reggae caught up with Wolverhampton’s Capital Letters. (Check previous chats with Reggae Regulars and Black Roots) Assembled in 1972 … Continue reading

Interview: Jahdan Blakkamoore

This was published in the May/June 2015 issue of Riddim. Here it is in English for the first time… Jamaica’s national motto is “out of many, one people”. Deejay and singer Jahdan Blakkamoore is not Jamaican yet embodies a similar … Continue reading

2014: my year in interviews

2014 saw me move away from reviewing recorded music and concentrate on interviews – so again there will be no lists of the best albums from me. Instead, here are some of my favourite interviews I recorded over the year … Continue reading

Reason Time – Reggae Album sales are low, but what does this mean?

  Reason Time… an occasional column by Angus Taylor. All his opinions his own. All research subject to deadlines!   On March 1st the Jamaica Observer published yet another article about album sales in reggae being low – based on Billboard Chart … Continue reading

Living Heart Vol.1

A collection of rare jewels for Burrell fans that represent a father’s legacy being continued by his son The passing of 57 year old Phillip Fatis Burrell at a time of great nostalgia for his 1990s productions resulted in a huge outpouring … Continue reading

Interview with Mungo’s Hi-Fi

  Scotland is proud of its history of inventors – from John Logie Baird to Alexander Graham Bell (and that’s just the B’s). So with that in mind, it’s actually not so surprising with hindsight that a sound system and … Continue reading

I-Octane – My Journey

I Octane now has two well written, bona fide albums under his belt Since the seismic shifts of the 80s, reggae and dancehall have coexisted – with many artists making both. Few however have straddled them with such comfort as I … Continue reading

Interview with I Octane

With his versatility in singing and deejaying, roots music and dancehall and every fusion in between, I Octane is arguably the complete package as a Jamaican vocalist. But being so many things at once presents a unique challenge to Clarendon’s Byiome … Continue reading