Album Launch – Masterpiece by David Rodigan – London 5th Feb 2014

Internet era music journalists will be familiar with the concept of “the playback”. It’s when a label invites media to listen to a highly anticipated unreleased album in person (to avoid sending the music out before release). Playbacks are often … Continue reading

Tarrus Riley – Love Situation

With his flawless tenor voice and sophisticated soulful pop roots sound, no one makes reggae quite like Tarrus Riley. But he and musical director Dean Fraser have taken care not to repeat themselves. Debut album Challenges stirred an eclectic blend of reggae and … Continue reading

Mr. Williamz – Set The Standard

Mr. Williamz is something of a throwback to the foundation days of dancehall. He deejays in a cool yet serious style similar to Super Cat and maintains a dapper dress sense in the gentleman rudeboy fashion. Like the great deejays of … Continue reading

Sister Carol – Live No Evil

With a number of female Rasta artists in England whose names are prefixed by Sister European readers unfamiliar with cultural deejay Sister Carol might assume she is from the UK. In fact Carol is a Jamaican who lived in New York for much … Continue reading

Mo’Kalamity & The Wizards – Freedom of the Soul

With her stately regal demeanour and a cool aloof voice that recalls the smoky sophistication of Sade, Cape Verdean/Parisian reggae chanteuse Mo’Kalamity has been building a sizeable following in France. Her third album Freedom of the Soul, riding glossy, elegant yet fiery … Continue reading

Wayne Marshall – Tru Colors

The Marley led reggae army Ghetto Youths International is mobilising. In 2013 the whole organisation got a showcase with the compilation Set Up Shop Volume 1. Then they put out two Damian Marley produced EPs to signpost albums from their alumni – one … Continue reading

RasItes – Reason Time EP

RasItes first burst onto the English reggae scene in the late 90s cutting their debut album Urban Regeneration in 2001. There was a lot of excitement about the release – suggesting these young London Rastafarians were going to revitalise the … Continue reading

Midnite – Same I Ah One EP

By this time of year the reggae blogosphere is compiling top ten lists or googling cover versions of Christmas songs and Auld Lang Syne. But Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred of I Grade Records in St Croix, US Virgin Islands – and one … Continue reading

Mikey General – Hailelujah Song

These days it’s the norm for Jamaican artists to work with international production houses. A gratifying result of this global nature to the business is that a rising label from Europe can connect with a veteran vocalist who may not … Continue reading

Luciano – Qabalah Man

Mention the idea of a youthful “Reggae Revival” to any of Jamaica’s preceding generations of roots artists and the response is invariably “How can you revive what is not dead?” For these dogged exponents and exporters of the craft to … Continue reading