Dubplate Fashion Riddim

September 9, 2013

Reggae Roast relick Rumours

East London‘s promotional and label brand empire Reggae Roast have had great success bringing traditional reggae to a younger party-going audience. For their latest release they have relicked a rhythm that did the same thing for Jamaicans back in 1988 – Gussie Clarke’s Rumours.

Leeds producer Tradesman has created a metallic, industrial strength update of Clarke’s piece. Over it MC Parly B spits a stream of sound system swagger – his distinctive voice so cloaked in reverb, delay and other processing that at first it is hard to discern exactly what he is saying.

On the flipside to the 7” is Tradesman’s dub – but the digital release comes with three additional remixes. There’s the straight rhythm for other mcs to chant on and then a Morricone inspired take on both vocal and dub from longtime Reggae Roast associate Adam Prescott.

Rumour has it that the Dubplate Fashion is out now on a choice of 7” vinyl or download EP.

Listen now on Soundcloud.

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