I-Octane – Crying To The Nation

February 16, 2012

I-Octane - Crying To The NationThus far, grainy-voiced singer-deejay I-Octane has built his upwardly-mobile career trajectory on a mass of simultaneously-rotated singles, periodic EPs, cross-brand multiplatform tie-ins and explosive live shows. Finally his official debut album (not counting Japanese Koyashi Kaikyu release ‘Thank You Father’) is ready – having been completed too late for the original September 2011 issue date.

Overseen by Shaggy impresario Robert Livingstone and distributed by VP records, it’s very much a “proper album” in that it most of it was laid down in an intensive one month period. It’s also a fairly lavish event with high production values, fusing digital dancehall synths with live instruments (often played by members of C-Sharp band) to create a hybrid sound suited to I-Octane’s wide-scoping biddable vocal talents. Livingstone and Paul Cashflow Mitchell take the lion’s share of producers credits, with engineers including marquee names Shane “Jukebox” Brown and Tippy of I Grade Records. With his multiple backers (Livingstone’s Scikron Entertainment, VP, and Destine Media) and big budget (in these low fi times) the business-savvy Byiome Muir must know the pressure is on for this to be a success.

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