Interview: Courtney John – In His Own Words

July 23, 2012

Interview: Courtney John - In His Own Words

On 17th July, the artist formerly known as Yogie, Courtney John, dropped his fourth album From Letters To Words. Featuring contributions from Sly & Robbie, Joe Fraser Records and his producer cousin (and Beres Hammond’s daughter) The Wizard – plus lashings of his hallmark falsetto – it’s his most mature slice of vintage-rocksteady-meets-modern-lovers-rock yet. Reggaeville caught up with the newly trimmed singer for a deep chat about his new record, his Jamaican heritage, his formative years in Canada and why people and dogs just aren’t the same…

New album, new haircut. Your locks have gone. A tough decision?
It’s been a while now and time for a change. It wasn’t as tough a decision as when I was growing it – it was much easier to cut it! (laughs) My core principles and philosophies are still the same. I’m governed by the Rastafarian principles. It makes me who I am in terms of my humility, importance of self and family. If a man sheds his locks, first of all, he can grow it back. It doesn’t mean anything. We have to question actions. Robbie Shakespeare, Gregory Isaacs and so many people have done it. My family were never too happy when I said I was going to cut my locks but then the same family never wanted me to grow it! (laughs) You still have to be the leader of your pack. My locks were really more of a political statement of where I am in this society wherever I go. I just thought that political statement is not as relevant as 20 years ago. What people care about is what you are doing and what you are doing to impact others – not just what you have on your head.

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