Interview: Dennis Alcapone and Winston Reedy

November 11, 2012

Dennis Alcapone was one of the original microphone talkers to follow the great U-Roy and is one of the most prolific reggae recording artists of the 1970s. Winston Reedy was the singer for the Cimarons – England’s first proper reggae band – and an exemplar of reggae’s tradition of sweet voiced singers who took their cue from Curtis Mayfield. The two met back in 1973 when Alcapone first came to the UK and have become regular touring partners over the years – with Reedy singing the A sides to Dennis’ many version hits. Angus Taylor grabbed an off the cuff chat with the duo backstage at One Love Festival 2012 – and found out that although they reside in London it is in France that both are making their latest moves…

Winston Reedy and Dennis Alcapone

Dennis and Winston you’re back at One Love for the second year in a row – last year you even did some announcing as well as deejaying. Do you enjoy being here?

DENNIS: It’s wonderful I’m looking forward to it. It was a nice crowd last year and we had good vibes and I’m looking forward to the same vibes this time around.

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