Interview: Etana

July 28, 2011

It’s been a busy year for Etana – the August Town songstress with the gigantic voice. Since the release of her second album Free Expressions she’s been touring hard, taking her soul-reggae vibes around the USA before hitting the European Festival circuit. Reggaeville spoke to her during a spot of downtime after the Oland festival in Sweden – where she had a surprise encounter with Curtis Lynch, producer of her hit August Town…

How’s Europe treating you so far?
Really well. So far we only did two shows but people were just singing and vibing to the music. After I left the second show I could hear them saying “One more!” but I knew I couldn’t go back because of the time.

Different countries have different curfews. Do you prefer to play to a strict timeline or just play for as long as the mood takes you?
Actually I like to follow the time that is on the contract or is asked by the promoter. I don’t like to go over the time because it goes into everybody else’s time so I’m conscious of that.

How do you cope with such heavy touring schedules?
I’ve been all around America on California side to Washington State to the Caribbean so it’s been a lot, but I’m grateful because it’s better than just sitting at home looking through the window! I would say just talk less, sleep as much as you can. Patience is needed a lot! And relax.

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