Interview: Peter Hunnigale

May 21, 2012

Usually when United Reggae talks to an artist they have something to announce or promote: an album release, a tour, even a book or a film in the pipeline. Not so, the butter-wouldn’t-melt voiced lovers rock veteran Peter Hunnigale, who started as a guitarist and bassist in the late 70s and went to on to record for labels including Fashion Records, Ariwa, and his own Street Vibes imprint, picking up multiple awards and chart successes (such as 1989’s Raggamuffin Girl with Tippa Irie) along the way. Since his last album, 2009’s self produced ‘Reggae Ville’, the singer has been taking things easy, doing a little production, and a variety of community based projects. But this period of downtime made him perfectly placed to give some heartfelt and fascinating views on the music industry to Angus Taylor when they met in Brixton at the end of February – a few of which may surprise…

Peter Hunnigale

What are you working on right now?

I’m just freewheeling. It sounds a bit absurd but I’m just doing what I want. I’ve just produced a song with Wendy Walker, a cover version of Mary J Blige, called Hurt Again where she’s getting a lot of attention from radio stations. Then there’s also a duet I’ve done with Michael Lloyd Pinq. I’m also doing a bit of international work with the Japanese doing bits of lovers stuff and a lot of dub work for sounds like Iration Steppas where I’ve been rebuilding a lot of their tracks and refashioning some of the 70s steppers stuff which is a lot of fun! A totally different fit! But I’m a musician so I enjoy making music and production so that’s my love at the moment. It’s really one of the best places I could be – it’s still keeping my hands and mind working and keeping the joints greased!

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