Interview: Susan Cadogan

December 20, 2011

Interview opportunities can appear when you least expect them – and disappear just as easily! When Angus Taylor was covering the final day of the One Love Festival for United Reggae on August 21st 2011 he got the chance to have an impromptu chat with Susan Cadogan, the Jamaican librarian-turned-singer who hit the UK pop charts in 1975 with the Lee Perry produced cover of Millie Jackson‘s Hurt So Good and arguably sowed some of the seeds of lovers rock. The interview had to be terminated, however, when Susan’s friend and fellow musical legend Dennis Alcapone hit the stage. But not before Susan had reminisced on her career, her relationship with the late keyboard maestro Glen Adams, reality TV singing competitions and most importantly, who made the distinctive “whop!” sound on her classic follow-up to Hurt So Good; Nice and Easy!

Susan Cadogan

Susan: Capone! Dennis! Oh he don’t see me. Dennis! Dennis! (laughs)

I guess the first question I should ask is how well do you know Dennis Alcapone? (laughs)

Well I really got to know him well when we were in Jamaica when Glen Adams, you know the keyboardist, was dying. He was at the hospital with me. I’d met him on tour with the Slackers way back in 2004, but I really got to know him well since December last year.

Can I ask you about Glen? I know you were very close once upon a time…

Yes. Actually in 1975… well, I suppose everybody knows because it’s in print… Glen and myself were kind of romantically involved (laughs). So and then I didn’t see Glen again until 2001 when we worked together and we made two albums, we did some tours and stuff, you know? So we were really good, good friends and I’m glad I was there with him at the end.

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