Interview with Keznamdi – Bridging The Gap

May 4, 2013

Tipped by Chronixx as an artist to look out for, Keznamdi of the musical clan McDonald dropped his 6 track debut EP Bridging The Gap on April 30th. It follows his older sister Kelissa’s EP Rebel In Disguise, features collabs with Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid and Kez’s brother in law Calico and fires the next shot out from within Jamaica’s advancing movement of well-travelled eclectic cultural creators. Reggaeville spoke to Keznamdi about where he’s going and where he’s from…


Your parents Errol and Kerida are in the band Chakula which means “food” in Kiswahili. What does Keznamdi mean?

Yes, “spiritual food”. Keznamdi is really two names joined up as one. Kez comes from Ethiopia and Namdi comes from Nigeria. Kez means “prince” or “priest” in Amharic and Namdi means “the son who saved his father’s name”. Because I’m in a family of four girls, as the only boy I am the one carrying on my father’s name.

It goes without saying that your family is very musical – where does the music come from?
Music is a special and divine thing and growing up in this family I never really noticed how special my situation was until I moved out. It was such a normal thing hearing the leftover noise in the studio or playing football while my parents rehearsed. I took it for granted growing up but now looking back, I realize how much subconscious growth I had before it turned to a conscious thing. Music comes from all places – it comes from my family, it comes from within, it comes from other people, it’s a limitless and divine thing.

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