Interview with Obrian Williams/Mystikal Revolution

April 22, 2013

This month Reggaeville was the first publication in Europe to review Divide and Rule the debut album by Jamaican roots band Mystikal Revolution [Review Here]. In this followup interview we asked drummer and bandleader Obrian Williams to give us the story behind the group…

Are you pleased with the response to your first album?

It has been great. I have been getting a great response. I woke up this morning and got a message from someone in Mexico saying they love the sound of the album – which is good news!

How did the band start? You and lead singer Sanjay Barrett live near each other.

We started in two ways – from Edna Manley College and then with our lead vocalist and I grew up like big brother and little brother in the same community. I met the other members of the band at Edna Manley and we all had the same vision. I wanted a different sound for the band so I never went for a “school” singer. I wanted a more edgy rootsy sound. Your lead singer contributes to the sound of a successful band and he has that edgy, ragamuffin sound. A more commanding sound that makes people want to listen.


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