Interview:100 Seconds on Music with Usain Bolt

May 4, 2013

Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive and he is from Jamaica. Not since Bob Marley has his island’s palpable natural per capita talent been so plainly shown to the world. The land whose motto is “out of many – one people” could just as easily adopt “more success from the few”.

Usain “the Lightning Bolt” holds the 100 and 200 metres world records as well as six Olympic gold medals in sprinting. In 2012 as Jamaica celebrated 50 years of independence he defended his Olympic titles at both distances and took gold as part of the relay team.

And Usain is also a fan of Jamaican music, enjoying the occasional appearance as a selector and counting notable artists among his friends. He granted United Reggae this checklist interview on the subject – one of the fastest of Angus Taylor’s career…

Usain Bolt

First experiences of music as a child

“Growing up in Jamaica music is a part of life so I would say from birth. Definitely some Bob Marley.”

Reports that he knew Vybz Kartel at school

“Sorry they are misinformed. I didn’t know Kartel growing up. No artist was living where I grew up.”

First sound system experience

“There was a sound system in my community called Sunrise and they played until late into the morning. I could hear it but as a child I wasn’t allowed to go out at nights. Now when I do go out it’s usually to the club.”

How music has helped his career

“Music is a part of my everyday life. It makes me relax and it’s a good escape from rough times. My song that I play everywhere I go is Bob Marley “One Love”.  That’s my anthem. The world needs love I feel.”

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