Peter Spence – I’ll Fly Away

April 18, 2012

Gospel, as well as being the sound track of enthusiastic Christianity, is a real music lovers music. It has a strong connection with reggae: being popular in Jamaica, one of the most churchical countries for its size in the world. But it also touches both soul and country – making a mockery of the heavily segregated recording industry of today where liking all four genres can be viewed as radical rather than a common sense move.

Peter spence - I'll Fly AwayThe Birmingham lovers rock singer Peter Spence (in what could be seen as reversal of the church-to-secular path of US singers like Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and R Kelly) has decided to put out this Godly album featuring compiled tracks from a variety of producers. It’s overseen by executive producer Clive Dunkley of Gospel In The City Productions – and if you appreciate both styles it’s a real treat.

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