Reggae By The Sea: Papa Levi at Future Dub’s birthday in Brighton

June 3, 2012

With the 90s revival upon us there’s a distinct whiff of original jungle in the air.


I recently conducted an interview with the legendary reggae label Fashion Records who embraced Jungle in its reggae sampling true form and are now reissuing their back catalogue. So I was overjoyed when I heard that one of my long time heroes the renowned mc Papa Levi was performing a jungle set with Trevor Sax at Concorde 2 in Brighton on April 14th.

Future Dub Third Birthday

DJ Sinner

From my hotel I watched Tyson Fury dispatch Martin Rogan (when he should have been fighting David Price!).  I then took a walk along the Marina to the venue to catch some 140bpm reggae action.


Reggae-junglist ex beatnick and all round local legend DJ Sinner the King Spinner dug into his crate of hybrid rarities in the waiting-room-like bar area, before we burst through the double doors to the main hall for a drubbing of bass.


But it wasn’t all jungle. After a frenetic first hour, Trevor Sax switched straight into back-to-back Sly & Robbie (proving just how innovative Sly Dunbar’s drumming was in the early 80s). Levi was mesmerizing on the mic as ever – and cheekily left the bouncers grappling on stage in chaos having invited some ladies up for a dance! The only thing missing was a spin of Levi’s yet-to-be-released new single Club Banger – which nods to Hang ‘Em High by the great Studio 1 pianists Jackie Mittoo/Richard Ace.

The night was the 3rd birthday of Future Dub records AKA my good friends Unity HiFi – who run a tent at the One Love Festival and whose events have previously played host to Sax 3, Curtis Lynch, Kris Kemist and many more. Photos by another pal James Venn.

Future Dub Third Birthday

Papa Levi

Future Dub Third Birthday

Papa Levi Trevor Sax and Dialect from Unity HiFi

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