Sister Carol – Live No Evil

February 12, 2014


With a number of female Rasta artists in England whose names are prefixed by Sister European readers unfamiliar with cultural deejay Sister Carol might assume she is from the UK. In fact Carol is a Jamaican who lived in New York for much of her career and goes by the nicknames of “Mother Culture” or “The Black Cinderella” – after the Jimmy Radway penned Errol Dunkley hit. Her father was RJR radio engineerHoward East and she was mentored in deejaying by no less than Brigadier Jerry. She has released 12 albums since the 80s picking up a 1997 Reggae Grammy nomination in the process.

As well as a toaster Sister Carol is also a womens’ rights activist, actor and entrepreneur – who has lately concentrated on her Black Cinderella clothing line. Her last album was 2011’s all-star collaboration Sister Carol and Friends. 2014’s Live No Evil on her own Black Cinderella label is her first solo outing in 8 years.

Live No Evil finds her holding forth on a diversity of topics from ecology to “Afromance” over a grab bag of rhythms sourced from contributors including Noel Alphonso, John Altino, Yellow Wall Dub Squad, Soja, Glen Adamsand Firehouse Crew. Several of the 14 tracks are adaptations of famous songs from inside and outside the reggae arena.

Carol is an old school deejay – no autotune for her – and like Anthony B, Chuck Fenda and Sean Paul her attempts at singing will divide opinion. Yet her considerable personality comes across in her vocals – particularly when she injects Jacob Miller stutters, chalice-like bubbles and African “calls of the ancestors” to her chatting to make her point.

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