Soul4Soul and Freddie McGregor ask What’s Going On

October 4, 2011

This was meant to be on United Reggae but due to a mix up it’s going on here as original content…

In an interview with United Reggae bold reggae coverist Lloyd Brown said these days he wouldn’t try to sing Marvin Gaye. Yet Jamaican harmony quartet Soul4Soul have done just that with their new rendition of the 1971 classic What’s Going On – over a smooth soul one drop Theremin led rhythm co-produced at World A Muzik studios by Barry O’Hare.

As multiple National Gospel Champions they are as well placed as any to attempt the troubled son of the church’s masterpiece. But they haven’t undertaken it alone. “Big Ship” Freddie McGregor himself joins the group to give a Rasta interpretation to the “hair is long” verse, sounding more like Marvin against Nerry from Soul4Soul’s masculine Teddy Pendergrass like tones.

What’s Going On is out as a single and as a featured track on the VP album compilation Reggae For Lovers on October 5th.

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