The Noble Art of Boxing Entrance Music: Why Reggae and Dancehall Rule

January 19, 2013

Boxing and Jamaican music have long been connected in the popular consciousness.

Both reggae and heavyweight boxing are generally believed to have enjoyed a golden age in the 1970s when great pugilistic events were set to song by deejays Dennis Alcapone (Cassius Clay) and Big Youth (Foreman Vs Frasier – which took place in Jamaica in 1973). The roots singer Prince Alla got his name from his love of Muhammad Ali while Prince Buster and Enos McLeod were fighters before they became vocalists and producers.

Jamaica has punched above its population weight in the sport itself. The 1960s was the era of the island’s first world title contender Bunny Grant. The 80s saw Trevor Berbick take a version of the heavyweight crown and Mike “the Bodysnatcher” McCallum win “world” titles in three weight divisions. In 2011 history was made again when current WBA Featherweight champ Nicholas “Axeman” Walters became the first Jamaican to win a “world” belt at home.


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