Back For The First Time by Perfect

July 19, 2011

Two years have passed since the last album by Bamboo St Ann’s Greg Rose, also known as Perfect. The flamboyantly dressed Bobo Ashanti deejay-singer has been a big believer in the results yielded by roots-oriented Jamaican artists working with European producers and is one of the most explosive live performers on the continental festival scene. His second “concept” album, ‘Born Dead With Life’ with Austria’s IrieVibrations, was hands down the finest longplayer of 2008 – and while neither of the follow-ups have been quite as extraordinary as that felt at the time, he maintained a good standard with the hip-hop roots of ‘French Connection’ with Kingston based Frenchman Sherkhan. Perfect - Back For The First TimeNow he has unveiled this intriguingly-titled set with respected US production house, Lustre Kings, who were behind Jahdan Blakkamoore’s ‘Babylon Nightmare’, arguably the best concept album of last year.

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