Interview: Ernest Ranglin (Part 2)

February 18, 2012

In part two of our interview with guitar legend Ernest Ranglin, Angus Taylor spoke with him about his more recent activities. Whether playing with Sly & Robbie, collaborating with band of the moment Dubtonic Kru or adding sleeve notes to the critically celebrated Skatroniks Jamaica album, in spite of what he sees as a deteriorating business, Mr Ranglin has been a busy man…

Ernest Ranglin

You’ve just played at the very well received show at the Blue Note in Tokyo with Monty Alexander and Sly & Robbie. How did this particular project come together?

I don’t know if it was Blue Note who put it together because I just got the call. I think it was a gentleman from Blue Note. He had this great idea to put the group together and this was the first time we were all going to play together as a group. This is how it came along and I just accepted the offer. I’m glad everybody was pleased about it. Monty and Sly & Robbie did a great show and I’m just glad they made this all possible for me.

Are you going to be touring with that same ensemble in 2012?

Yes, I think so. Everything isn’t quite put together properly as yet but I think it’s going to be – I’m ready whenever they are!

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